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4 Reasons to hire a professional beer line cleaner

  1. O.H.S – Did you know in 2015-2016 Worksafe (Victoria) revealed 108 businesses and 21 individuals were fined or ordered to pay restitution totalling more than $6.2 million*. Most venues hand the beer line cleaning duties to their bar manager or staff without adequate training, safety gear, safety checklists, safe chemical handling procedures or even CO2 monitors. It’s not worth the risk, hire a professional.
  1. Time and Cost – When you add up all the costs of labour, chemicals, beer wastage, water and CO2 you can only then understand what the true cost is to the business. Professional beer line cleaners save you time and cost.
  1. Knowledge – Professional beer line cleaners have detailed knowledge about not only about the beer being served but all the parts that make your system work. Having your system work flawlessly and most importantly to appropriate food and hygiene levels should be priority.
  1. Quality and Reputation – Draught beer sales make up a significant part of most venues profits so why would you not ensure your beer lines are working optimally? Mould and beer stone can develop in draught beer lines, hiring a professional should ensure you deliver a quality product.

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